2015/2016 # Studio Greetings

Studio greetings, retrospective & upcoming projects for 2016.
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2015/2016 # Project Residency

JUSTYNA TUREK DESIGN Studio, is on project residency in Chateau des Guains in
Les Sieges, France which ends at the beginning of 2016. During this unique period
of time She will be conducting a research on a nomadic lifestyle & meaning
of belonging.


2015 # Bike That Jungle

Together with Henryk Stawicki, We conducted the presentation of "Bike that Jungle
- From the concrete metropolis through the tropical jungles". We wanted to pass on
our passion for cycling and bike touring - with a goal to inspire others to take dreams into action at the first edition of Bike & Fashion Festival, during Łódź Design Festival.


2015 # How to Communicate What Design Can Do

Together with Henryk Stawicki, We co-created the "How to Communicate What
Design Can Do" workshop during Łódź Design Festival.


2015 # Glass Lab 1.0 for Sziget

GLASS LAB 1.0 for Sziget Festival 2015
Displayed from 10th till 17th of August in Budapest, Hungary

Represented by Shaman Agency from Paris, France
Produced by Spectribe Co. from Wroclaw, Poland
Supported by Gerresheimer from Bolesławiec, Poland

Music by ËGÅ
Photo by Anna Rubi


2015 # Glass Lab 1.0 - work in progress

Since the beginning of this week Justyna Turek Design is preparing the GLASS LAB
1.0 in her studio in Poland. GLASS LAB 1.0 is a Day&Night Art installation experience
built with glass, fabric, wood and metal. Empowered by light and sound.

The installation will be display from 10th till 17th of August in Budapest, Hungary
during Sziget Festival 2015.

Represented by Shaman Agency from Paris, France.
Produced by Spectribe Co.


2015 # Sziget

Glass Lab 1.0 was chosen from among many other applications for
Sziget Island of Freedom 2015 - Music Festical in Budapest, Hungary.

The installation will be display from 10th till 17th of August in Budapest,

Represented by Shaman Agency from Paris, France.

JUNE 2015

2015 # Shaman Agency

Justyna Turek is happy to announce a cooperation with the French agency from
Paris - Shaman !

APRIL 2015

2015 # European Glass Experience

On Saturday, April 18th, The Murano Glass Museum in Murano, Italy, will present the final international exhibition of the European Glass Experience project. After two years of showcasing the artworks and sketches in Finland, Spain, and Portugal. The sketch CLOUD KEEPER, designed by Justyna Turek, which was selected by the scientific committee to be produced by Consorzio Promovetro’s Murano glass masters.The exhibition will run through June 7, 2015.

APRIL 2015

2015 # Polish Design&Creative Business NYC

Co-founding Polish Design & Creative Business NYC with Henryk Stawicki. An Association with a group of diverse individuals with a common goal to support and help Polish creative business grow, connect and do good. PD&CB NYC came together to synergize what all stakeholders have to offer and facilitate the process of exchange, networking, growth and innovation in the field.


2015 # Glass Quarterly

Editorial writing intern for GLASS QUARTERLY magazine, Brooklyn, NYC
GLASS Quarterly is a glossy art magazine published four times a year by UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, New York. With four-color printing and the highest production values, the magazine presents serious discourse about glass as a medium for contemporary art. GLASS Quarterly was founded by Richard Yelle in 1979, and was originally titled New Work in Glass


2015 # Intern in URBAN GLASS

Internship at UrbanGlass Brooklyn, NYC
Education Office & Development Office intern
UrbanGlass: Glass Center with open-access facility where over 200 professional artists and designers create using glass located in Brooklyn, New York City. Founded in 1977 by artists Richard Yelle and Erik Erikson as the New York Experimental Glass Workshop.


2015 # NYC

Moved to New York City to work on a series of projects related to the design,art, glass & design thinking process.


2015 # Interview for AZART SAT TV

Justyna Turek had a pleasure to give a interview about her art , design and future artistic plans for TV Channel AZART SAT.


2015 # Lecture : Everything You Always
Wanted to Know About Design But
Were Afraid to Ask

Justyna Turek had the pleasure to give a lecture on design called
"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Design But Were Afraid to Ask".
Old Theatre in Bolesławiec
Collaboration with : Youth House of Culture in Bolesławiec

16 OF JANUARY 2015

2014 # Domowa Stolarnia

Justyna Turek is happy to announce a cooperation with


2014 # Brussels Design September

BLANCHE FLEUR&NOIR FLEUR prototypes are presenting at exhibition Nasza Polska during Brussels Design September 2014. L’Ancienne Nonciature, Grand Sablon - Brussels/Belgium


2014 # Freedom Express

Justyna Turek was elected for fourteen days, with twenty young people from ten European countries, to traveled around Europe in the footsteps of 1989. Artists, journalists and historians chosen in an international contest will visit six countries in Europe in a two-week period, starting from Gdańsk(Poland), through Warszawa(Poland), Budapest (Hungary),Timisoara (Romania), Sopron (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Rep.), ending in Berlin (Germany).

Project organized by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.

JUNE 2014

2014 # Paris Design Week

BLANCHE FLEUR&NOIR FLEUR prototypes are presenting at exhibition Nasza Polska during Paris Design Week 2014.
La Rotonde, Stalingrad - Paris/France

6-13 SEPTEMBER 2014

2014/2015 # European Glass Experience

CLOUD KEEPER Project has been approved for the final of the International Competition EGE - EUROPEAN GLASS EXPERIENCE/ international touring exhibition.
The exhibition will begin its tour at the Finnish Glass Museum from the 28 March to the 8 June 2014, Riihimaki/Finland
Second exhibition will be hold at The Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio from 29 July to the 16 November,La Granja, Segovia/Spain.
The last one will be at The Museo del Vetro, Murano, Venice/Italy.

SPRING 2014 - SUMMER 2015

2014 # Design.s

Project is presented now on DESIGN.S – international biennial of student design. Exhibition will run from 24rd of June till 5th of October 2014 in Technical Museum in Brno / Czech Republic Pass by if you are around! br/>

JUNE 2014

2013/2014 # Baltic Lab 2.0

Half year program Baltic Lab 2.0 which is a joint project by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute aimed at increasing integration in the Baltic Sea Region through creativity and entrepreneurship.
Creation of the CITY NOW project which responds to the needs of urban planning in the city. Team members: Zane Datava, Diana Zamurajewa, Ina Semionowa and Justyna Turek
Sweden,Latvia, Estonia and Poland.


2014 # Design Alive Magazine

Article about the CLOUDS KEEPER project in polish magazine about Design Trends and Interiors
Glass object designed for the International Competition European Glass Experience.

April 2014

2014 # Atelier d’Art du Verre

Three months internship in Atelier d’Art du Verre.
Restoration of historic stained glass in Asselborn/Luxembourg.


2013 # Givenchy Fashion Show spring/summer 2014

Make­‐up artist assistant on the GIVENCHY Fashion Show
Spring/Summer 2014, Paris/France


2013 # Stanislav Libensky Award

Stanislav Libensky Award exhibition in Praque/Czech Republic
Presentation of the project LEPUS TIMIDUS/CANIS LUPUS during The International Glass Exhibition Stanislav Libensky award 2013 in Prague Castle.
20.09–01.12 2013, Prague/Czech Republic.


2013 #Arena Design Fair

Arena Design Fair 2013
Presentation of the project CRYSTAL MESS, Arena Design Fair 2013.
5-8.03.2013, Poznań/Poland.

MARCH 2013

2013 # Pomost Designu

Presentation of the student’s works, Centre for Innovation Academy of Art and Design.

March 2013

2013 # Dan Yeffet Design Studio

Ten months internship at Dan Yeffet Design Studio in Paris/France


2013 # Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Ats : Major in Glass Design
Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław/Poland


2012 # European Glass Festival

Manager responsible for two projects :
The Glass Window and Glass Studio Open Days for The European Glass Festival.
July-September 2012

JULY 2012

2012 # Pixie and Rotter Zine

Interview and pictures publication for international web magazine Pixie and Rotter Zine about argentic photography.

October 2012

2012 # Kreacja/Innowacja/Design

Half year program Design Łączy / Komercjalizacja Wiedzy which helps establishing future cooperations between designers and companies.
Design of carafes for beverages CRYSTAL MESS in cooperation with the Crystal Glass Factory Julia in Piechowice/Poland, Kielecki Park TechnologicznY in Kielce/Poland.


2011 # Glass is everywhere

Exhibition of student’s works, Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki/Finland.


2011/2012 # Aalto University School of Art and Design

Student of exchange program at Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Glass and Ceramic, Glass Design in Helsinki/Finland.

2011 # Podwodny Wrocław

Presentation of light installation LIGHTROOM.
Browar Mieszczański in Wrocław/Poland

JUNE 2011

2011 # Martin Stefanek’s Glass Studio

Internship in Martin Stefanek’s Glass Studio in Desna/Czech Republic.

JUNE 2011

2011 # Form, Function & Fun

Exhibition of student’s works Academy of Art and Design.
Za Szybą Gallery in Wrocław/Poland.

MAY 2011

2011 # Uwaga Szkło!

Exhibition of student’s works from Academy of Art and Design.
Jaś i Małgosia Gallery in Wrocław/Poland.

MAY 2011

2011 # Junior Glass Match Sanssouci 2011

Post-competition exhibition of student’s works
Spa Resort Sanssouci in Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic.

APRIL 2011

2010/2011 # Vytvarne Dialogy

Exhibition crowned year-round project between Polish and Czech Republic students in 2010/2011 years.
Galerie Jídelna in Ceska Lipa/Czech Republic.